About Nando

To his family he is Dinan. Nando to himself. And Ferdie to some friends and acquaintances. With honesty, he abhors being called “Ferdie.”

He is an introvert, so that only means he is not fond of going to places and events with many people, albeit he still goes to movie houses, visits museums, attends (free) concerts of Up Dharma Down, and vamooses to the mall for his fix of cake milk tea.

His taste in food is simple: chicken, the cooked ones of course. Not many of his few friends know this though. Moreover, anything pasta salivates him. Vegetables are fine provided that no other dishes are available on the table. And as much as possible, he avoids onions and tomatoes.

Currently, he is still trying to master the very difficult “bridge” part of Bohemian Rhapsody, which only means that he can sing. He hasn’t scaled his voice though, so he’s clueless if he is a tenor or what. But he can sing with his mix and resorts to it in acing high notes. He wishes he had Jeff Buckley’s voice and vows to make a public performance and milk from it if only he had at least a quarter of Buckley’s singing prowess. In truth, he shuns the idea of singing to public and strangers but does not mind blasting the ear drums of his neighbors during an afternoon Karaoke sessions at home, belting Hey Jude of the Beatles.

He created this blog as an avenue for his thoughts, which may be interesting to some but fetid to others. The tedious process of creating this blog and familiarizing himself with the settings and all those buttons, etc. convinces him more that there is no backing out. That even in the most difficult of times, he’s got to write blog.

Welcome aboard!

4 thoughts on “About Nando

  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog 🙂 I look forward to reading so great stuff from you! Cheers!


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