death wish/es

If I die, I would like to die a peaceful death. No blood and gore from an accident. No decapitation. Nothing violent. No pain to be endured as in from cancer or any terminal illness. Perhaps, death by not waking up anymore in the morning would be more than perfect. That peaceful.

I would also prefer cremation to burial. After death, my body should immediately be incinerated. I would not want any funeral service where people gather, wonder who died, grieve of the life lost and of what was in it and what was not. I prefer that people move on with their lives. This process would also save some eulogies since I think they are pointless, seriously. I mean, I would not get to hear them so what’s the significance?

Ashes of my remains should not be perpetuated in an urn but scattered in a river, a clean one of course, because I think it’s cool just like in the movies. And while this is being done, Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti should play on the background. Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley could be a good alternative. Or this one, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables by Michael Ball.

Once all this has been done, I would like that all my belongings be burnt, except the books, which could be donated to a public library. As much as possible, all traces of my existence must be erased/deleted.

Now in case I don’t die by not waking up in the morning, I prefer that I contract Alzheimer’s just like Alice in Still Alice. But it should be at an earlier age like in my 30s or 40s. Except that I am a man, I am positive I am showing early signs of this disease. Having this illness is like already being dead, thus, a good alternative. Family can just leave me in a free facility once my memories start to wither away.


2 thoughts on “death wish/es

  1. I am keeping my death wish, as of now….may similarities tayo…pero ang pinaka-importante sa wish ko ay dapat ikalat ang ashes ko either sa Lake Venado or summit ng Mt. Apo…malapit ang birthplace ko sa bundok, at noong buhay pa ang childhood buddy ko, nagbi-birthday climb kami sa bundok…maswerte siya kaysa akin, dahil nagpapahinga na siya…


    • gusto kong umakyat ng bundok. tapos, hindi na bumaba kung maaari. hahaha. maswerte nga kaibigan mo, hindi naman dahil sa hindi makabuluhan ang buhay mo. pero sa perspektibo ko, wala nang mas hihigit pa sa buhay na walang pait at saya. yung blangko lang. hahaha.


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